Besides, she often collaborates with the military units of the French civil service, and is sometimes dispatched as a rescuer in countries abroad, wherever there's been a natural disaster, or war victims. There, she faces true danger: as with the Haitian earthquake of 2010, or the aftermath of the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan, in 2011.


She has charted her own course based on her personal calling, without any true life model; but instead, she trusted her instinct, and took life opportunities as they came.

With humility, she says that she finds in her life committed to helping others, great strength, true wealth and meaning. That's what she likes in human relationships, "the wealth of true humane encounters", where all that matters is the essential part of life, that part which is all about survival. She considers that all these ordeals that she went through, although many of them were terrible, actually made her stronger, and encourage her to carry on. "it's really an all-or-nothing kind of stuff-- either it destroys you, or it makes you stronger".


Her family has completely understood and accepted her way of life. They know that taking risks, going for the 'adrenalin shot', is part of who she is. "My family is more praiseworthy than I am", she says. Delphine is aware of how much courage they must have, of what anguish must be theirs, when she goes on a mission in a risk area.

Your Skin - Delphine

Throughout her years of service, her skin has been unceasingly put to the test, as much as herself; sent to work in the field, she spent much of her time outdoors in precarious conditions, where part of her mission consisted in sleeping out in the open or caring for people in dusty construction sites or ruined buildings.

To crown it all, every country she went to had its own climate, and she had to undergo compulsory medical treatments (against paludism), which eventually, could be detrimental to her skin.

For all these reasons, she needed a skincare product that would be easy to use and-- above all else-- respectful of her weakened skin.


After every mission, cleansing and soothing her skin with Sensibio H2O has become an essential ritual for Delphine. With Sensibio H2O, 98% of fine particles are eliminated from the skin surface.

Your Skin - Delphine