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Dermatology Glossary

Dermatology and your skin from A to Z with our Dermatology Glossary: a dermatology glossary of essential words you need to know to better understand dermatological products and how your skin works.


Also called the Malpighian layer, this layer of the epidermis located between the basal layer and the granular layer is made up of several stacked rows of keratinocytes.


Aqueous solution made of surfactants which combine to form organised aggregates called micelles.


Dark-coloured pigment produced by melanocytes (cells responsible for pigmentation) which protects the skin from solar radiation. Its synthesis increases under the influence of the sun's rays.


Cells located at the dermal-epidermal junction that synthesise the melanin responsible for skin pigmentation.


Action of forming melanin pigments.


Cancerous tumour characterised by abnormal proliferation of  melanocytes, usually in the form of pigmented marks. Its development may be fatal if it is not detected early enough.


Small inflammatory skin swelling consisting of sebum, keratinized cells and/or bacteria following obstruction of the sebaceous duct by a comedo.