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It's itchy… SOS!

Itch relief in 60 seconds
For babies from the first day*, children, adults and elderlies, finally a safe and efficient solution to soothe itch within 60 seconds with a 6-hour efficacy.
The pruritic mechanism
Pruritic is the scientific term used to describe what is commonly known as itch. Everything starts in the skin where a nervous signal is activated by biological mediators, that trigger skin irritation and inflammatory reaction. Scratching is the natural answer to this signal, often irrepressible that result in deteriorating the skin barrier. These lesions of the epidermis increase the risk of infectious agents or allergen that worsen the inflammation. This is the reason why scratching is the wrong answer to itch, despite the intense desire!
The biological answer to itch
Consistently with the BIODERMA's biological mimetic principle,
Atoderm SOS Spray ,through its mode of action and composition, answer to two dysfunctions associated to itch:
Excitation of the nerves fibres and skin inflammation
Mode of action on itch and inflammation causes
The Skin Relief Technology (Ambora and green tea extract) specifically developed by BIODERMA, is associated to Enoxolone, a soothing dermatological ingredient, to prevent the itch's biological process.
Imbalance in the cutaneous microbiome
Mode of action on the microbiome balance
The Skin Barrier Therapy™ Patent protects the driest skins from the bacteria responsible of itch exacerbation.
Deterioration of the skin natural barrier
Mode of action on the skin barrier deterioration
Vitamine PP and squalane provide the necessary lipids to reinforce the skin natural barrier.

Soothes skin without scratching…
Tested and approved!

Atoderm SOS Spray Study– 2017
120 patients (4 pathologies : Atopic Dermatitis – Psoriasis – Xerosis – Urticaria) during 21 days
* Except prematures new-borns