Share¹ with us your skin journey (or your child's) in managing dry to eczema-prone skin, and receive an Atoderm sample kit with your submission².

4 winners with the best stories will also receive a self-care gift set (worth $238), which includes:

  • Full-sized Atoderm range for very dry, eczema-prone skin
  • Personalised Mulberry Silk Pajamas Set from White Trousseau
  • MUJI Organic Cotton Blend Bath Towel 

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Understand more about dry skin and discover our Atoderm range here.

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2 Contains 8ml Atoderm Huile de douche and 8ml Atoderm PP Baume. While stocks last.

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Hygiene & skincare

Normal, dry to eczema-prone skin

A cleansing solution for every skin type

Introducing Atoderm: our skincare range with ultra-gentle cleansers and treatment moisturisers suitable for each skin condition, according to its sensitivity and severity of dryness. 

Our Atoderm cleansers are formulated with gentle, soap-free cleansing bases, making them well-tolerated and effective for the daily hygiene of dry to eczema-prone skin. Thanks to our patented formulas, Atoderm skincare biologically restores the hydrolipidic film of dry skin that lacks essential moisture and lipids (oils). A healthy skin barrier is recreated and strengthened overtime. 

Explore our Atoderm range of multi-tasking skincare — use them on your face and body (even hands!) – that is suited for every member of the family (babies, children and adults).