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body care for dry to very dry skin

Through its Atoderm range, BIODERMA has different solutions for dry, very dry to atopic sensitive skin, irritated skin and itching skin as well as dry and damaged lips. Thanks to its dermo-patented formulas, Atoderm biologically and lastingly restores the hydrolipidic film of skin lacking moisture and lipids and also softens, hydrates, and protects the skin.



Normal skin is healthy skin which must be preserved as much as possible. It is therefore crucial to take care of it on a daily basis by using suitable products so that it does not become unbalanced or dry. Dry skin is first defined by feelings of tightness. People feel that their skin is dry because they consider it is uncomfortable, tight and possibly rough and think the application of an appropriate product and skin treatment will provide relief.


Very dry skin is characterised by discomfort and tightness, just like dry skin. Desquamation is generally more pronounced and, in addition to these clinical signs, cracks or chapping can occur, notably in the most exposed or fragile areas. This skin is often described as "snake skin" or "crocodile skin".

  • The SKIN BARRIER THERAPYTM patent: for very dry, irritated to atopic sensitive skin, this patent biologically prevents the adhesion of the bacterium (Staphylococcus aureus) responsible for the aggravation of skin irritation.
  • The LIPIGENIUMTM complex: for very dry, irritated to atopic skin, containing fatty acids and biolipids naturally found in the epidermis, this complex immediately and physically recreates a protective film on the surface and lastingly rebuilds the skin barrier by biologically stimulating the synthesis of the lipids and proteins that make up the intercorneocyte cement.
  • The SKIN PROTECTTM complex: for normal to dry sensitive skin, containing vitamin PP and a combination of two sugars, this complex physically and biologically recreates a healthy skin barrier and helps maintain the skin's water reserves, thus making the skin comfortable again.
  • The ECODÉFENSINETM patent: thanks to its regulating action, this patent keeps the skin flora healthy and preserve its biological balance.
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