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Skincare solutions for dry, very dry to irritated, atopic sensitive skin

BIODERMA offers different skincare solutions through Atoderm range of cleansers and treatment moisturisers, suitable for each skin condition according to its sensitivity and severity of drynesss.

The hygiene products of Atoderm range are formulated with soap-free gentle cleansing bases, making it well-tolerated and effective for the daily hygiene (face & body) of dry, very dry to eczema (atopy) sensitive skin.

Thanks to BIODERMA’s dermo-patented formulas, Atoderm products biologically restores the hydrolipidic film of dry skin that lacks moisture and lipids. A healthy skin barrier is recreated and skin becomes resistant overtime.



Dry skin is first defined by feelings of tightness. People feel that their skin is dry because they consider it is uncomfortable, tight and possibly rough and think the application of an appropriate dry skin body care product (e.g. dry skin cleanser and dry skin moisturiser) and skin treatment will provide relief.


Very dry skin is characterised by discomfort and tightness, just like dry skin. Cracks or chapping can occur, notably in the most exposed or fragile areas, causing irritation. This skin is often described as "snake skin" or "crocodile skin".

  • DRY SKIN: SKIN PROTECTTM This exclusive formula contains Vitamin PP (Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide) and a combination of two sugars that physically and biologically recreates a healthy skin barrier and locks in moisture. Skin feels comfortable, soft and supple again.
  • VERY DRY TO ECZEMA-PRONE SKIN: ECODEFENSINETM This exclusive formula protects and balances healthy bacteria on skin by keeping skin flora healthy.
  • VERY DRY TO ATOPIC SKIN: SKIN BARRIER THERAPYTM This exclusive formula limits the adhesion of Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus) from adhering to skin, helping to reduce skin irritation and itch. The S.aureus bacteria is responsible for the aggravation of skin irritation.