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Sensitive skin care in Singapore

Sensitive and intolerant skin reacts more than normal skin; it is hyper-reactive. It is subjected to intermittent prickling, tightness, heating, stinging and slight itching. When combined with redness, these feelings of discomfort can react greatly to various factors that normally do not trigger any form of irritation. This hyper-sensitivity of skin is the result of a lowered tolerance threshold – the more sensitive the skin is, the lower its tolerance threshold.

Depending on the cause, severity, characteristics and stages of sensitive skin, Sensibio offers sensitive skin care products such as sensitive skin cleanser, sensitive skin toner, sensitive skin face wash, sensitive skin body wash and sensitive skin moisturiser that help skin become less sensitive, reduce appearance of redness and increases its tolerance threshold. Sensibio (sensitive skin products) are suitable for all sensitive and reactive skin types.

BIODERMA, the inventor and also the pioneer of the world’s first micellar water suited for sensitive skin - Sensibio H2O - is the leading micellar water in prescriptions and pharmacies*.


*IMS – Xponent CMA fin 2012

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