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Combination to Oily Skin Care in Singapore

The skin changes during puberty - it becomes thicker, shiny and even bumpy on the surface. There is also a possibility for blemishes obtained during adolescence to remain throughout adulthood.

Combination TO OILY Skin

Oily skin generally has a thicker texture, enlarged pores, and a dull, shiny appearance. This appearance is due to excess sebum, which promotes blackheads and pimples. For combination skin, blemishes are located often at the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), while rest of skin of face or body may be normal or dry. So this is necessary to apply combination skin care products or oily skin care products, such as oily skin cleanser & oily skin moisturizer.

BIODERMA’s scientific research has identified dysseborrhoea, an imbalance in sebum composition, as the source of the problems characterising acne-prone skin: blackheads and inflamed spots.

As such, BIODERMA offers a new generation of anti-blemish treatments that directly act on sebum quality and limits sebum secretion, resulting in healthy, radiant, matte and shine-free skin.

Bioderma’s Solutions

Combination to Oily Skin : Fluidactiv

FluidactivTM biologically regulates the quality of sebum and durably prevents blocked pores (a source of blemishes).