Biphase Lipo alcoolique

A double-action hand sanitiser for sensitive skin that kills 99.9% germs while replenishing skin's lipids and softening skin.


Leave-on hand care sanitizer

Weakened skin All skin types For dry to very dry skin

For who?

For all the family (children older than 3 years)

What ingredients?

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For family use


The product provides a dual anti-microbial and lipid-replenishing function*

This is the go-to hand sanitiser for sensitive skin, thanks to these benefits.


1) Anti-microbial

  • Eliminates over 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds 2 

2) Lipid-replenishing action:

  • The product ensures a lipid-replenishing function:
  • The skin is softened
  • The skin is nourished

Without rinsing - Unscented

Caution: Flammable. Always read the label and product information before use. 

(1) European Standard NF EN 13727 + A2 (Dec 2015), France: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics -  quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity in the medical area.  (2) Bactericide in 30 seconds EN 13727 + A2 in clean conditions, in-vitro testing and at a temperature of 20 degree Celsius. 


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NAOS has always been committed to research and public health, and proves it by deciding to donate 100% of the profits made through the marketing of alcoholic Biphase Lipo to NGOs and Foundations working in the prevention of epidemics during the period of COVID-19.

Biphase Lipo Alcoholic is a dermatological innovation that offers a good solution as a hand sanitiser for sensitive skin. Inspired by its eco-biological principles, NAOS and its BIODERMA Dermatological Laboratory have created a double-action hand barrier treatment.

This two-phase formula combines an alcoholic phase with a lipid phase.

1. Alcoholic phase: it is composed of 79.4% (v/v) alcohol denat (ethanol). It works by eliminating 99.9% germs1

2. Lipid phase: it is composed of 10% shea oil and squalanes. A complementary combination rich in lipids naturally present in the skin to protect it from dryness. Together, these two biomimetic ingredients provide what the skin needs to preserve a healthy skin barrier .


Suitable for regular use for cleaning hands, while protecting the skin barrier from drying out.

Without rinsing

  • Step 1 Important: Shake the product before use to allow the oil to disperse in the alcohol.
  • Step 2 Spray to fill the palm of your hand.
  • Step 3 Rub for 30 seconds.
  • Step 4 Enjoy germ-free and softer hands! The skin is now nourished and protected.

Caution: Flammable. Always read the label and product information before use.