Do you describe your skin as intolerant, irritable, hypersensitive or reactive? Often wrongly categorised as their own sensitive skin type, these terms are misunderstood to be independent of each other. However, they are actually just varying intensities of one skin type: sensitive skin.

Here are some signs to look out for to identify if you have sensitive skin:

- Itchiness

- Temporary redness

- Tightness

- Burning and/or tingling sensations

A syndrome recognised in 2017, the Sensitive Skin Syndrome is defined by the appearance of unpleasant sensations in response to stimuli that do not normally cause such sensations, and which cannot be attributed to any skin disease.

Do you know more than 60%1 of the world's population has sensitive skin? As a fairly common problem that is slowly affecting more people than ever, there is a growing need to understand skin sensitivity in order to alleviate its symptoms.

(1) Burden of sensitive skin (BOSS) project, epidemiological study, 5000 subjects, France 2016

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Natural skin sensitivity is a permanent biological dysfunction, where nerve fibres become hyper-excited when exposed to stimuli that normally should not cause the skin to over-react. Hence, protection is needed to reduce chances of reactivity and in turn, preserve the skin’s health.

Healthy and normal skin can become sensitised skin should there be a lack of protection against external triggers.

In today's urban environment, your face is constantly exposed to irritants such as pollution, UV rays and more. These irritants produce free radicals and weaken the skin's protective barrier. As a result, more irritants penetrate the skin, further weakening the already compromised skin barrier.

The skin ultimately becomes sensitised and displays sensitive skin symptoms. Induced sensitivity may come and go depending on a person's lifestyle and environment, but it is becoming more common globally.

The origin of skin sensitivity can be natural, induced, or even both. In both cases, sensitive skin is out of balance and may not be able to defend itself. Hence, it is crucial to cover all bases to keep the skin healthy and well-defended against daily aggressions and irritants.

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What triggers sensitive skin?

There exists a variety of sources, which can be split into two main groups - external and internal. These factors cause sensitive skin to react and display symptoms, leading to discomfort. Overexposure to, or a lack of protection from these triggers causes sensitive skin to be further sensitised in the long run.


UV rays
Lifestyle factors and choices
Cosmetics and make-up

Sensibio Defensive is the ONE moisturiser for anyone with sensitive or sensitised skin. It simplifies your skincare routine and choice of what to apply while providing the necessary protection your sensitive skin needs.


It’s time to boost your skin’s inner defenses with Sensibio Defensive:

Skin is less reactive
The skin is protected against external irritants that further aggravate its barrier. By targeting the double origin of skin sensitivity, it provides powerful anti-oxidant protection that reduces the chances of external irritants causing the skin to react.
Carnosine + vitamin E

Skin is less inflamed
Soothes sensitive skin symptoms in 30 seconds1. It directly acts on the cause of Sensitive Skin Syndrome, where sensitive skin over-reacts and becomes red & inflamed.
Red sage polyphenols

Skin barrier is strengthened
Sensitive skin is the result of a weakened skin barrier, where the protective layer of the skin may no longer be able to defend itself against irritants within the environment. It helps restore the barrier of sensitive and sensitised skin.

12H moisturization

Provides lasting comfort and relieves tightness of sensitive skin, a result of its weakened skin barrier’s decreased ability to retain moisture within the skin.
Biomimetic glycerin + squalane


1Clinical evaluation of the soothing effect after chemical irritation (Eurofins 20E1056) - Poland 2020

Clinically proven results with Sensibio Defensive

Tested on sensitive Asian skin


100%1 agree skin feels comfortable, protected & moisturised

97%1 agree skin feels soothed


100%1 agree skin feels less tight & sensitive

97%1 agree skin feels less discomfort

94%1 agree skin feels less red

50%2  reduction in skin sensitivity

1 In-use test under dermatological control (IEC C200622RD) - China, June 2020
2 Clinical study, on 29 subjects

Sensibio Defensive works in the long run to help sensitive skin adapt to the environment it lives in. The product proves to effectively address sensitive skin symptoms from their root, setting up a defence barrier against daily aggressions.

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