Photoderm Eau Solaire ANTI-OX SPF50

Antioxidant suncare that reduces signs of photoaging


Classic photoprotection

Sensitive skin


For who?

Adults, Teens

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Provides 10X more powerful antioxidant protection

An innovative biphasic suncare to provide high UV protection with a refreshing nude skin sensation & satin finish 

  • 60% oily phase 
  • 40% water phase

Provides 6-in-1 very high broad spectrum UV & antioxidant protection from: 

UVA, UVB, High Energy Visible Light (i.e; blue light), Infrared Damage, Dryness, Urban Pollution 

No paraben, alcohol & colourants. Allergen-free fragrance. Non-sticky, non-greasy & ultra-light texture. 

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All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

Photoderm ANTI-OX SPF 50 solar water, prevents cellular damage thanks to a new active ingredient: ANTI-OX ACTIVE

This active ingredient is bio-inspired by an atypical aquatic bacteria. Coming from tropical lagoons, it develops its own defense mechanism against UV rays thanks to a unique molecule: MAA (microsporine like amino acids). NAOS research has recreated a similar molecule in an ecobiological approach to counter oxidative stress and preserve skin cells to prevent cellular damage and photoaging. 

This new active ingredient is 10X more powerful than Vitamin E (1) , already well known for its antioxidant power. 

Our ANTI-OX SPF 50 Solar Water also contains the SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE PATENT . This patent offers high-tech sun protection, reinforced against UVA rays. It combines UV filters and biological protection which improve the skin's self-defense capacity, to help maintain its health in the sun, over the long term. Only 4 filters are present in the formula. 

96% protection against DNA damage thanks to SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE (2). 

Finally, the biomimetic lipids present in this product provide the skin with rapid and lasting hydration (1)

All our formulas are respectful of aquatic ecosystems since they present no toxicity on corals, microalgae and freshwater plankton. They are tested in marine and fresh waters and these tests are carried out on our filters and finished products, and not just our filters.

Hair and scalp
Body and face

Apply several times a day. Can be applied to face, body and hair.

  • Step 1 Shake well before use
  • Step 2 Apply generously before sun exposure (smaller amounts will lower the level of sun protection).
  • Step 3 Reapply when necessary.
  • Step 4 Spray in hands before applying to face.

Avoid contact with fabrics. Overexposure to the sun can harm your health. Don't stay in the sun for too long.

Eco-design of our products: We work daily on the improvement of our products to minimise their environmental impact. Most of our products are made of 100% recyclable plastic and all our outerboxes are 100% recyclable and made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Sorting instructions: Please refer to local sorting instructions to recycle your product the most properly.

This product has been formulated according to the ecobiological approach of the NAOS Laboratories to take care of you. At the heart of this product :

SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE PATENT : high-technology sun protection, reinforced against UVA rays. An association of UV filters and a biological protection that improves the self defense capacity of the skin to help maintain long-lasting care of its health in the sun.

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