Pollution, stress, the wrong make-up… When your skin flares up, relief is what you crave! All you want is for the stinging, tingling, tightness and burning to go away – lastingly! While most creams only focus on soothing symptoms, BIODERMA proposes a solution focus on reinforcing skin’s ability to protect itself.

Boosting sensitive skin’s self-defence mechanisms: this is how BIODERMA Sensibio Defensive is different.

  • It is the cream that acts on the biological mechanisms responsible for sensitive and sensitised skin, in all its complexity.
  • It is the cream that actively soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin’s self-defence mechanisms against irritants that are aggressive for it.

Sensitive skin can have one of two origins: natural sensitivity due to biological dysfunction, or sensitivity induced by environmental and lifestyle factors. Sensibio Defensive addresses the needs of both types. Sensitive skin is once again able to actively defend itself from irritants. It regains the defence mechanisms it needs to protect itself well and live in harmony with its environment. Day after day, people who live with sensitive and sensitised skin find that their quality of life improves significantly.

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Biometric ingredients for sensitive skin

Defensive action inspired by ecobiology

Sensitive and sensitised skin does not and cannot live inside a bubble. It is part of an ecosystem, and must learn to adapt to changes in its environment. When skin is sensitive or sensitised, it is essential to act on the causes of the reaction. Laboratoire BIODERMA therefore drew inspiration directly from skin’s own biological mechanisms for defending itself to develop its exclusive Defensive Technology using biomimetic ingredients. By strengthening sensitive skin’s ability to actively defend itself from irritants, skin is able to break the vicious cycle of sensitivity, and restore its own health in a lasting way.

Active ingredients soothe, strengthen and protect sensitive skin

BIODERMA's exclusive innovation, Defensive Technology creates the ideal conditions to stimulate the skin’s self-defence mechanisms. Going beyond moisturising sensitive and sensitised skin, Sensibio Defensive has a triple action that provides comprehensive care for sensitive skin, whatever the intensity of its symptoms.

Increases the skin’s antioxidant activity

  • Factors such as indoor and outdoor pollution, UV exposure and lifestyle choices can increase oxidative stress in skin. When this happens, the skin is no longer able to defend itself well enough, leading to an altered skin barrier and therefore more irritants that penetrate. Increasing antioxidant activity is key to checking the vicious cycle of sensitive skin.
  • Sensibio Defensive includes carnosine and vitamin E in its formulation. Both are found naturally in skin, and play a protective role against any external agent that generates free radicals, including UV rays and pollution.

Strengthens the skin’s barrier function

  • To explain skin structure, the metaphor of a brick wall is often used. Skin cells are the bricks, and intercellular lipids are the cement. Replenishing these lipids, as well as enzymes and proteins also in the wall, creates a stronger barrier, essential to shutting out irritants that can lead to sensitive skin symptoms.
  • In Sensibio Defensive, tetrapeptide-10 is the lipopeptide that boosts growth of all the lipids, enzymes and proteins that are part of the skin barrier.

Neutralises nerve hyperreactivity

  • Many triggers can make sensitive skin react. It therefore needs to reduce the local irritation response sparked by daily aggravation from a wide range of sources.
  • In Sensibio Defensive, red sage extract limits hyperreactivity and neuro-sensitivity of sensory nerve fibres. It therefore reduces the local irritation response sparked by daily aggravation from a wide range of sources, any of the many triggers that can make sensitive skin react.

  • Aurélie Guyoux, NAOS Research & Development Director

    Aurélie Guyoux, R&D Director - NAOS.

    Texture is a major factor when it comes to a face cream for sensitive skin. With Sensibio Defensive, the challenge was to soothe the skin immediately, while ensuring a pleasant effect upon application. 

    Aurélie Guyoux, R&D Director - NAOS.

Sensibio Defensive has a light, refreshing texture that melts as it is spread, absorbing quickly and leaving no sticky finish. Glycerin is a biomimetic ingredient naturally found in the skin. It locks water in to keep skin supple and moisturised. Vegetal squalane complements glycerin, providing additional moisturising. Sensitive skin that requires lighter moisturising is restored to softness and suppleness.


Sensibio Defensive moisturiser for sensitive skin

Excellent performance in clinical trials

Sensibio Defensive and its ingredients have proven their effectiveness, tolerance and safety during clinical trials, supervised by dermatologists, on people suffering from sensitive skin due to different irritants.

Immediately after applying Sensibio Defensive

- For 100% of subjects, skin felt protected.1
- For 97% of subjects, skin felt comfortable.1
- Sensitivity was reduced by 73%.2


After four weeks using Sensibio Defensive

- For 97% of subjects, skin was soothed, presented less feelings of discomfort and defended itself better against aggressions.1
- For 94% of subjects, skin was more resistant to aggressions.1
- For 100% of subjects, skin was less sensitive and less sensitised.1
- Sensitivity was reduced by 50%.3


Improvement of quality of life of sensitive and sensitised skin:

- For 88% of subjects, pollution had therefore less impact on quality of life, as the impact was reduced by 46%.4
- For 94% of subjects, their skin's sensitivity had less impact on their daily life.1


1 Use test, % of satisfaction, on 33 subjects for 28 days
Capsaïcin test, on 22 subjects
Clinical study, on 29 subjects for 28 days
Clinical study, % of satisfaction, on 32 subjects for 28 days

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