Taken together, small steps can lead to a big impact for your sensitive skin

Keep your sensitive skin’s tingling, itching and stinging at bay with our nine tips for living with sensitive skin. Each on its own is easy to work into your regimen. All together they can make a big impact on how your skin feels on a daily basis.

Protect yourself from the sun. UV rays can make sensitive skin react, causing it to flush. The best way to avoid this is to apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Always remember to apply sun care before you head out! 

Avoid perfumes and fragrance. On their own, or when included in product formulations - to heighten product attractiveness, can irritate sensitive skin and cause skin to be red & itchy. Fragrance can be a catch-all term that hides a number of chemical compounds. If you’re unsure, test the product on your arm for a week to see what happens. Better yet, avoid altogether if possible. Fragrance is disappearing from many products as consumers and companies seek to improve their choices.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarettes’ effect on overall health has been widely demonstrated. Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes lead to premature ageing. The smoke causes oxidative stress, thus weakening the skin barrier, allowing irritants to penetrate and cause a reaction.


Alcohol can dilate blood vessels, causing flushing, which may provoke feelings of discomfort in sensitive skin.

Choose pure cotton for clothing and metals for jewellery. Wool can often irritate sensitive skin, sometimes even the softest kinds, such as cashmere and merino. With 100% cotton, there is no risk, and it also allows skin to breathe. As for jewellery, pure gold and silver are less likely to irritate sensitive skin compared to commercial metals and decorations. Whenever possible, choose them for necklaces, bracelets, and earring posts.

Wash with warm water. Hot or cold water can be too harsh on sensitive skin. Hot water even alters the skin barrier. Both can cause temporary redness, similar to a sudden change in temperature when going outside or inside. The redness can cause discomfort. With warm water, close to body temperature, you keep your sensitive skin within a familiar environment and it doesn’t become irritated. Avoid rubbing, and opt instead for a gentle cleanser such as a micellar water adapted to sensitive skin.

Stick to secure, high tolerance products that are effective and adapted to your skin. For your make-up and skincare routines, your sensitive skin needs products that respect its environment and biology. Products that are too harsh and not adapted to your sensitive skin can further exacerbate your skin’s reactions, rather than soothing them. If your skin does react, it’s better to find the right product that your sensitive skin tolerates, rather than telling yourself your skin just needs to get used to it.

Consult an expert who can provide advice to help you adapt your lifestyle. If you have tried all kinds of different advice, if one product after another only elicits new reactions from your sensitive skin, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by having to deal with it all, don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist. Their experience and understanding can provide the relief and help you need, to finally take back control from your sensitive skin.

Wear a cotton mask. People with sensitive skin are prone to increased trouble with their skin as a result of wearing a mask. They can experience itching, dryness and redness due to the specific environment that exists inside a mask: no light, higher CO2 and less air circulation. A cotton mask that hasn’t been chemically dyed can help your skin breathe and won’t make it react. You can try alternating different types of masks to see if that helps. And, when there is no risk, remove your mask to give your skin a break.

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