How do you use a face hydrating serum?

Complete and indispensable, serums should occupy the leading spot in your skincare routine.

1st for their effectiveness

With an unequalled concentration of active ingredients, a serum gives your skin the best promise of results in the smallest amount of product and actions. Whatever your skin type, it’s the basis of your skincare.

1st preparatory step in your daily skincare ritual

Applied directly after cleansing, a serum penetrates deeply into your skin, optimizing the effects of products that follow.

A major BIODERMA innovation, Hydrabio Hyaluserum brings an original ecobiological approach to problems of dehydration and early signs of aging.

BIODERMA considers skin as an ecosystem that is in constant contact with its environment, and has natural resources that help it adapt… However, sometimes external stressors are too strong and upset skin’s self-defense abilities. When this happens, skin’s natural biological mechanisms need to be stimulated to help it return to a balanced state.

With ecobiology, therefore, the objective is to first understand the causes of dehydration, to address them as well as their consequences for skin. It is this approach that inspired the cutting edge formula for Hydrabio Hyalu+serum.

Hyalu+serum for hydrated skin


Water is the element essential to maintaining skin’s normal functions, but…

The natural quantity of Hyaluronic acid in the epidermis falls with age, leading to the appearance of the classic signs of dehydration and early signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of suppleness and volume…

At the same time, the quality of Hyaluronic acid in the dermis falls, further aggravating these effects.

Hyaluronic acid lasts less than 24 hours in skin , and constant replenishment is necessary.

Stimulating the production of Hyaluronic acid and protecting its life cycle to hydrate and prevent early signs of aging

The idea behind Hydrabio Hyalu+ serum is to act as early as possible on the causes of dehydration and early signs of aging, by improving the optimal quantity and quality of Hyaluronic acid for plumped skin.

Hydrabio Hyalu+ serum doesn’t simply rehydrate skin: this serum prevents and reduces the effects a lack of water has on wrinkles, fine lines, skin texture and radiance, by using all the natural benefits found in Hyaluronic acid.

The technology behind an innovative Hyaluronic acid serum

For the first time, Hyaluronic acid’s extraordinary anti-age powers are united in a unique technology: a dual action on the causes inside the skin and the consequences visible on the outside.

(1) Measurement of hydration 10 subjects for 24 hours .
(2) Evaluation of efficacy under dermatological control on 33 subjects aged for 28 days - 2A) by clinical scoring of wrinkles & fines lines, smooth aspect, complexion radiance, skin suppleness, skin softness, hydration level, skin density, skin firmness and skin elasticity., 2B) by self-assessment (% of satisfaction)

Easy and pleasant to apply, Hydrabio Hyalu+  serum reveals an ultra-light fresh gel texture. It penetrates deeply into skin without feeling sticky or greasy, and plumps and rehydrates skin.

Perfect for bringing volume and radiance to skin while also making it supple, this new serum, both hydrating and plumping, can be used at any age, by both women and men.

Presentation of the Hydrabio Hyalu+serum bottle