Say goodbye to itch with Atoderm SOS Spray, a refreshing, cooling mist with an instant soothing effect for dry to eczema-prone skin. Relieving itch in just 60 seconds, this spray lasts for up to 6 hours and is ideal for the whole family! 

Available in a 50ml format, this is an anti-itch spray for eczema-prone skin that is ideal to bring along and spray on-the-go.


Committed to NAOS’ ecobiology approach, Laboratoire Bioderma developed a high-tolerance formula adapted to the needs of itchy, sensitive skin. The active ingredients in Atoderm SOS Spray respect your skin, and have a dual action:

1. Instantly relieve itch Atoderm SOS Spray combines the SKIN RELIEF TECHNOLOGY™ with Enoxolone – these active ingredients instantly soothe irritated/inflamed skin and reduce the urge to scratch by blocking the release of the molecules responsible for triggering sensations of itch.
2. Reinforce skin's natural barrier - Vitamin PP (Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3) and Squalane provide lipids that strengthens & repairs skin's natural barrier and reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

- SKIN BARRIER THERAPY™ prevents the adhesion of S.aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria on skin (itch-causing bacteria), minimises inflammation and protects it from bacterial infection.
  • Michèle Sayag, Allergologist
    Michèle Sayag, Allergist and Medical Strategy Director - BIODERMA.

    An effective anti-itch product takes into account as many biological pruritic paths as possible. Through its unique combination of active ingredients, Atoderm SOS Spray is able to soothe itch triggered by a wide range of causes.

    Michèle Sayag, Allergist and Medical Strategy Director - BIODERMA.

Atoderm SOS Spray soothes itching, reduces the urge to scratch and provides immediate comfort. It has been tested on 150 patients and has demonstrated its efficacy on itching resulting from atopic dermatitis, chronic hives (urticaria), psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis and senile xerosis1.

Immediate and lasting effect on itch:

  • Instantly soothes itching in 60 seconds1
  • Effective for up to 6 hours1
  • 97% of patients stated that Atoderm SOS Spray reduced itching2

Improved well-being:

  • Negative impact of itching on patients’ well-being fell by 93% after 7 days2


1Clinical study report : evaluation of the efficacy and tolerance of Atoderm SOS spray on psoriasis, urticaria, senile xerosis and atopic dermatitis, 120 subjects were included during 4 months, Poland, 2016
2A prospective and observational study that assesses the interest of Atoderm SOS Spray on acute & itchy contact dermatits, 30 subjects were included during 7 days, Bulgaria, 2018

This soothing anti-itch spray is formulated for very dry to eczema-prone skin. It can be used for chronic itching (dermatological conditions) or temporary itching (internal or environmental factors). It is suitable for babies (except premature infants), children and adults.

Atoderm SOS spray is improving the daily lives of children, adults and even seniors!

eczema anti itch spray

Wherever and whenever you need it! Atoderm SOS Spray is available in two practical formats, so you can always have it close at hand.

  • 50 ml (Available exclusively at Guardian Health & Beauty): Convenient size to slip into your bag when you go to work, the gym or for a stay-cation! 
  • 200 ml (Available at hospital retail pharmacies and private dermatology clinics): Perfect for keeping at home in the bathroom cupboard or on a bedside table.

You can use Atoderm SOS Spray during the day and at night, or as often as you need.



It is a delightful sensation of comfort! Each spray of Atoderm SOS Spray diffuses a light, refreshing cloud of tiny, ultra-fine droplets that allows for quick absorption. The formula does not sting – it is adapted for atopic eczema and psoriasis – nor will it stain your clothes.


Aim and spray approximately 20cm away from affected area(s)



Spray on palms and dab on targeted areas (i.e, face or neck)

Range Atoderm

Hygiene & skincare

Normal, dry, irritated to atopic skin

The Atoderm range

Range Atoderm

Dry skin is characterised by tightness and a lack of suppleness that are sometimes combined with itching and patches.

BIODERMA’s solution: Atoderm, a full range of cleansing and care products for the face and body tailored to dry, very dry or atopic skin to be used daily as well as alongside treatments for eczema or itching. This range includes all the essential products for soft, comfortable skin! Say goodbye to tight, itchy skin after showering!