It is our first defensive wall against the various external aggressions we need to face every day. It is, in itself, a permeable and dynamic ecosystem. Respecting it and taking care of its physiological structure is therefore essential.

Like many other organs in your body, the skin follows an internal biological clock which has its own rhythm:

By day: The skin plays a proactive role as a barrier against external aggressions.

By night: The skin detoxifies and regenerates itself.

In order to preserve efficiently the skin’s hydrolipidic film (which works as its natural barrier) in a way that respects its own biology, it is necessary to protect it from external aggressions. Here are the most common ones that need to be dealt with regularly:

#1: Make-up

The accumulation of cosmetics can have harmful effects on the skin. The pores are clogged and are no longer able to "breathe" properly. If not carefully removed, makeup can become, in itself, a very powerful pollutant. It contributes to the aging of the skin and can be irritating.

On the other hand, not all waters are worth the same, and the most sensitive skins, which have a very fragile barrier, are more easily irritated. An efficient cleanser must, first and foremost, respect the skin's balance: its flora and protective barrier.

By respecting the physiological balance, Sensibio H2O deeply and gently cleanses the skin. Our non-rinse micellar water is able to remove 99% of makeup from the skin, with excellent tolerance.


#2: Pollution

The invisible enemy of the skin

Pollution has a direct impact on our skin: dust, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, fine and ultra-fine particles, ozone, organic compounds and carbon monoxide, all bombard the skin day and night. Even if our everyday lives are spent mainly indoors, it is hardly possible to reduce our exposure to pollutants present inside buildings (furniture, electronics, heating systems, air conditioning, etc). This should be taken into account when trying to protect our vulnerable skin.

With Sensibio H20, 98% of fine particles are removed from the skin’s surface.

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# 3 Heavy metals:

Similar to pollution, heavy metals and the harmful particles that compose them can alter the proper functioning of the skin. Their accumulation on the skin disturbs the skin’s natural flora and eventually, destroys it. As an additional source of inflammation and irritation of the skin, it is important to get rid of them through regular cleansing.

Sensibio H2O cleanses 78% of residual heavy metal particles due to urban pollution.

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# 4 Pollen: A trigger for allergies and skin irritation

10 to 30% of the world's population is allergic. These allergies, besides ophthalmological or respiratory symptoms, can also trigger skin reactions.

Pollen grains, because of their size, do not have the capacity to penetrate the skin. However, some smaller elements that compose the pollen grain, especially allergenic molecules (proteins, glycoproteins and proteases), have the capacity to penetrate any healthy skin.

With Sensibio H2O, soothe your skin and eliminate 99% of total pollen particles accumulated on your skin.

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# 5 Sweat: Sweating, a healthy process worthy of consideration

During physical exercise (or when we feel too hot), our sudoriferous glands produce sweat, which will then flow through the pores of the skin (so that the body may cool down as the sweat evaporates).

Cleansing your skin with Sensibio H2O after sports will eliminate all of those elements that could potentially be irritating and create feelings of discomfort or tingling.

Those attacks due to external factors are difficult to avoid. But the good news is that preventive and soothing skincare products – such as Sensibio H2O – will help to protect your skin.

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